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 AFFILIATE MARKETING                                                                                                   One year ago, I knew absolutely nothing about Affiliate Marketing.  Affiliate Marketing has become one of the more popular avenues of creating an income in our new digital economy.  In this article, I will do my very best to enlighten those, who like myself, are unaware of this great opportunity.

WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING                                                                                       Affiliate marketers could be considered the digital economy salesperson.  Imagine yourself as a salesperson working from the comfort of your home. You are contracted with many companies.  Whenever one of your referred customers, makes a purchase, at a company in which you are affiliated, you get paid.  That pretty much sums up an affiliate marketer.

DIGITAL AGE SALESPERSON                                                                                    During the industrial age, people worked at brick and mortar establishments.  You had to physically be at a location to perform a form of work for pay.  Today, companies are cutting cost by working through the virtual world of the internet, so many people now do what used to be called telecommuting. (working from home).  Telecommuting saves companies money and increases profits, so salespeople who work from home are the new hires.

MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME                                                                                  An affiliate marketer can work for as many companies as they desire.  Whereas in the industrial age a person had to be at a physical location which limited the salesperson to who they could sell products for.  Today due to the uniqueness of the digital economy, a salesperson can work from home and sell products for many companies without a conflict of interest.  Consequently, an affiliate marketer can have many streams of income which prevents limited or no income.

WHERE DO YOU FIND CUSTOMERS                                                                             This is a very good question.  In today’s world, most people use social media in one form or another.  Businesses use social media as well and business owners know that if they have people advertising their products or services in their individual social media accounts, businesses have a higher probability of getting their goods sold with less cost to the company.  This is why you see so many advertisements on Facebook, YouTube, and websites.  see article

HOW CAN YOU BENEFIT                                                                                       Becoming an Affiliate Marketer is very simple.  Anyone skilled or unskilled can learn how to create ads or videos about a product or service.  Most likely you have advertised and marketed for a business unaware.  We all have enjoyed products or a service and told our family and friends about that experience.  That was affiliate marketing but you didn’t get paid.  Now, you can share that experience with others and get paid!

JOIN THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION                                                                                  The digital revolution is here and many young and old are learning marketing skills and creating the life and income that they have long desired.  There is a company, Six Figure Mentors (SFM) that combines affiliate marketing training with mentorship.  The combination of training and mentorship gives newcomers to the business, an advantage over the other training programs.  SFM also offers FREE TRAINING!

DIGITAL ECONOMY OPPORTUNITY                                                                    Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest growing opportunities in the new digital economy.  There are many others, but this is definitely in the top ten of the digital economy.  I have found these skills to be useful to me in building my own business.  Now that I have learned to market and advertise my products and services my business is growing along with my income.  Join the digital revolution and create your own financial security and income.

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Author: Derrick Daniels

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