Rise of the Robot

Robots have been slowly replacing humans in the workforce for 25 years. This era is called the “Rise of the Robots.” Robots were introduced to us in the mid-80s and have been evolving ever since, with our consent.

We all have played a role in the acceleration of robotic integration into society. We were unaware that soon these machines would replace us at the factories and thus put many humans into the unemployment line.

We started using these robots in the 1980s. These robots were controlled by humans but they also replaced many jobs occupied by humans. By the end of the 1990s, this form of robot could be seen on many a manufacturing floor.

We have graduated to such a capacity that humans are nearing the point where they are no longer needed. Take a look at this video:  I say what I am saying with great assurance because this is where we are now in the world of automation and robotics.

For those of us, that know our livelihood is on the chopping block, the question is what do we do now and how can we earn a comfortable living?  Since technology is confiscating your job why not use technology to earn a living?

Many people today are using technology to create an income.  The internet is the new frontier. The ways in which one can create an income on the internet are only limited by one’s imagination. Digital products, information, and sales are transacted by the second via the internet.

Now is the time to re-tool your skills and take advantage of the new “Wild Wild West.” There is more frontier than there are settlers. Sit with yourself and think about what it is that you would love to do to create an income and start acquiring the knowledge and skills to create your dream life.

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Free Economy

free energy

free energyThere are many people/companies that are using technology to create a FREE economy!  Scientist using the newest technology has always sought less expensive ways for us to live and thrive via the technology that exists today.

We live in a world where we have to pay for nearly everything. Food, clothing, and shelter are our basics.  There was a time in the history of America when these things were free, but now they are commodities. Continue reading “Free Economy”

Digital Currency & Blockchain

Along with our industrial world converting to a digital environment, so is our money.  Digital currency is now in play and will become the future of money and money movement.

I heard about Bitcoin about three years ago but I didn’t know what it was nor did I investigate.  This digital currency Bitcoin was created in October 2008 Bitcoin became a public traded stock in January 2009 at a cost per share of $0.01 USD.  As of today when I looked up the cost per share for Bitcoin on google finance, Bitcoin now trades at $4,200.01 USD per share.  I believe this is proof that digital currency as a means of transacting business, will be our future.

Now let’s talk about the second half of this equation.  Blockchain is the encryption technology which makes digital currency more secure than paper money.  Blockchain technology can be used in so many different areas of commerce that everyone in every sector of business are flocking toward the use of the Blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is being used in the currency industry, agricultural industry, and the communications industry. I am sure there are other industries that Blockchain has infiltrated but I am unaware.

Blockchain technology makes everyone and everything accountable.  This technology offers a legend that can’t be altered or hacked so the chain of custody and it’s legitimacy make it an effective tool for honest dealings.  Actually, the Blockchain is allowing businesses and consumers to cut out the middle-man which saves both parties financially.

I was fortunate enough to invest in the Blockchain technology last year when the Bitcoin Craze was in full bloom.  That investment earned me a few dollars within a 90 day period.  So, experience has shown me that this technology is on the rise.  In future articles, I’ll be discussing the many ways that Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are shoring up industries worldwide.

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Plan for You Life


When we go on a vacation we have a plan.  We sit down and figure out every small detail for our trip.  First, we look at how much we have to spend on for our trip.  Based upon our finances we decide where we can vacation.  We find accommodations within our budget.  We choose activities that we want to participate in while on vacation.  We even factor in dining cost.  No detail is left to chance.  


Unfortunately, most people do not take as much care when planning the most important journey that they will ever take, the journey of life.  Most people do not spend any time with themselves to learn what exactly what it is they want to do with and in their lives.  Most people don’t know exactly how much money we want to earn to live the lifestyle that we desire to live (lifestyle is dictated by income).  Many people don’t know where they want to live or what they would really love to do to earn an income.  Most people usually leave all of those areas of their life, to chance.              Continue reading “Plan for You Life”

The Digital Revolution

In the 1980’s Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started a revolution. The revolution was worldwide; it was the Digital Revolution. The revolution started with the PC and has continually evolved. After the PC came the internet followed closely by the cellphone. Now we have laptops and tablets. We can now look at the person that we are speaking with on the smartphone. Robotics is the normal, and digital currency is the new investment craze. We are now in a new Digital Economy.

In western culture, we are being conditioned use self-checkout at many of the stores. Nearly everyone does their banking online. Online shopping has become commonplace. So, as you see we all participate in the digital revolution in one form or another.  You can hardly dart a corner without nearly walking into someone who is starring into a cellphone and not paying attention to where they are walking.

Technology is replacing humans in all sectors of the workforce. No occupation is exempt. Robots are performing the entry-level jobs which use to be occupied by humans. Robots can work around the clock, they have very few personal issues, and rarely need time off. So, it’s more profitable for business owners to replace humans with robotics. Continue reading “The Digital Revolution”