Fast Money!

We live in an “Instant Gratification” society and we want everything fast. Many people spend a lot of time pursuing “Fast Money.”  Nearly everyone wants to “Get Rich Quick.”

The wisest man that ever lived, King Solomon, had this to say about getting rich quick: “Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.” Proverbs 13:11 Continue reading “Fast Money!”

Overcoming Adversity

Welcome to the wonderful world of Entrepreneurship.  This world is about “Overcoming Adversity.” Now that you have started down this path you will encounter many adverse situations. Your only job is to adapt and overcome.

Most of us start out on the journey of Entrepreneurship thinking that it will be fun and prosperous. Normally, after a few months, we find that this journey is filled with emotional perils and much mental adversity. Continue reading “Overcoming Adversity”

Job Security

Is your job safe? Unfortunately, due to a global economy along with technology which is replacing humans with robots, I don’t believe that job security no longer exist.

Last week I inserted a video called “Humans Need Not Apply” which revealed how are being replaced by robots and technology. This is not a fanciful dream of mine, it is a reality now! Continue reading “Job Security”

Rise of the Robot

Robots have been slowly replacing humans in the workforce for 25 years. This era is called the “Rise of the Robots.” Robots were introduced to us in the mid-80s and have been evolving ever since, with our consent.

We all have played a role in the acceleration of robotic integration into society. We were unaware that soon these machines would replace us at the factories and thus put many humans into the unemployment line.

We started using these robots in the 1980s. These robots were controlled by humans but they also replaced many jobs occupied by humans. By the end of the 1990s, this form of robot could be seen on many a manufacturing floor.

We have graduated to such a capacity that humans are nearing the point where they are no longer needed. Take a look at this video:  I say what I am saying with great assurance because this is where we are now in the world of automation and robotics.

For those of us, that know our livelihood is on the chopping block, the question is what do we do now and how can we earn a comfortable living?  Since technology is confiscating your job why not use technology to earn a living?

Many people today are using technology to create an income.  The internet is the new frontier. The ways in which one can create an income on the internet are only limited by one’s imagination. Digital products, information, and sales are transacted by the second via the internet.

Now is the time to re-tool your skills and take advantage of the new “Wild Wild West.” There is more frontier than there are settlers. Sit with yourself and think about what it is that you would love to do to create an income and start acquiring the knowledge and skills to create your dream life.

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Free Economy

free energy

free energyThere are many people/companies that are using technology to create a FREE economy!  Scientist using the newest technology has always sought less expensive ways for us to live and thrive via the technology that exists today.

We live in a world where we have to pay for nearly everything. Food, clothing, and shelter are our basics.  There was a time in the history of America when these things were free, but now they are commodities. Continue reading “Free Economy”