HAVE YOU EVER TAKEN A LEAP OF FAITH                                                                    Imagine being in a relationship that you know is not beneficial to your emotional, mental, or spiritual fulfillment, but you’ve been in this relationship for many years.  Do you stay in the relationship or do you dissolve it and take the leap of faith to move on to your true destiny?

Use your imagination again.  Say, you’ve always wanted to live abroad.  You really want to experience life in a different country and culture.  You move to the land of milk and honey with a friend who is familiar with that country and culture.  Your friendship goes sour, do you take the leap of faith and live out your dream or do you run back home?

THE LEAP OF FAITH TO YOUR DREAM                                                                           It takes faith and it takes courage to live your dream.  I am currently faced with both of those decisions.  I have decided to I have taken charge of my life.   I am moving to the country and town that I like, alone, where I don’t speak the language.  This is my dream and I am taking the leap of faith.

The upside to my story is that I have created an income source that pays me regardless of my location.  All I need is my laptop and an internet connection and I have enough income to support myself and my lifestyle.  I created a laptop lifestyle.

About one year ago I took a leap of faith and began learning a new craft which now allows me to be confident of my economic security no matter what goes on in my life.  So, I go where I want to go, do what I want to do, and be what I want to be.

Would you like to have that level of security?   Anyone with a desire to live the life that they want can escape the 9 to 5 and live anywhere that you wish.  All it takes is desire and willingness.

Affiliate Maketing

 AFFILIATE MARKETING                                                                                                   One year ago, I knew absolutely nothing about Affiliate Marketing.  Affiliate Marketing has become one of the more popular avenues of creating an income in our new digital economy.  In this article, I will do my very best to enlighten those, who like myself, are unaware of this great opportunity.

WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING                                                                                       Affiliate marketers could be considered the digital economy salesperson.  Imagine yourself as a salesperson working from the comfort of your home. You are contracted with many companies.  Whenever one of your referred customers, makes a purchase, at a company in which you are affiliated, you get paid.  That pretty much sums up an affiliate marketer. Continue reading “Affiliate Maketing”

Digital Revolution

THE REVOLUTION                                                                                                                        In the 1980’s Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started a  revolution.  It was a worldwide revolution; it was the Digital Revolution.  The revolution started with the PC and has evolved to the internet, cellphones and smartphones, laptops and tablets, worldwide communication, robotics, and even digital currency.

WORLDWIDE REVOLUTION                                                                                                    Everyone is involved in the revolution whether by intention or by accident.  In some form or fashion not only do we use technology but we depend upon it.  Some of us have become addicted to it.  You can hardly dart a corner without seeing people staring into a smartphone.   With the exception of 1 or two countries, everywhere technology has invaded our societies. Continue reading “Digital Revolution”


ARE YOU TOO OLD                                                                                                                        I was reading an article a few days ago that read “You Should Not Become an Entrepreneur if You’re 50 Years or Older.”  That was the worst nonsense that I have ever heard.  You are never too old to start a business or anything else for that fact.

AGE IS IRRELEVANT                                                                                                                It does not matter what age a person may be anyone can pursue their dreams and set new goals.  Age is irrelevant.  Ray Croc started the McDonalds Corporation at the age of 62.  Harland David Sanders at 66 years of age started Kentucky Fried Chicken and became a billionaire at the age of 88.  These are two of the most recognized people that became entrepreneurs after the age of 50.  I’m sure there are many more. Continue reading “TOO OLD”


DON’T GET DISTRACTED                                                                                                        I have noticed that since I have been building my business a lot of unexpected situations keep popping up and these circumstances require my immediate attention.  It becomes very easy to get sidetracked by distractions.   When you’re doing something that really interests you, life will send you a few distractions.



BACK TO THE ROUTINE                                                                                                 When I am distracted, especially for a few days, I tend to lose my rhythm and I have to make a conscious effort to get back into my business routine.  I have a list of things that I do every day to ensure that I am moving towards my goals.  When I break my routine I find it very difficult to get back into the groove.  This is when I have to make that conscious effort to get back on the trail.

CHARACTER BUILDING                                                                                    Distractions are character builders.  They teach me discipline and recovery.  The same as a professional athlete, entrepreneurs have to train their minds and focus their attention on their business to ensure that the business grows and thrives.  There are certain things that nearly all entrepreneurs do daily.  This is their routine.  Without the routine people become scattered and nothing gets done and they fail.

LIFE’S CHALLENGES                                                                                                                  Life being who and what it is will provide you with mountains to climb, valley to descend to and a host of obstacles, but through it all, if your plan is to accomplish your goal, you can’t allow yourself to get distracted by these challenges.  People that get distracted by the circumstances typically fall prey to overwhelm, become fearful and doubtful then give up. That’s why it’s very important to get back to the routine ASAP.

RECOVERY                                                                                                                              Knowing how to recover quickly from a life disturbance can be the difference between failure and success.  The first time that I went into business life threw me a curve ball and it took me 22 years to recover and get back into the game.  I share that experience with you so that you will understand that I’m not sharing an opinion but rather a reality.

In one of Tony Robbins speeches, he shares that when he was learning to drive race cars the instructors would through the car off balance and that way the driver learns how to recover the car and stay in the race.  He tells how while going through a turn at high speed the car is drifting toward the wall of the track and his instructor is telling him not to look at the wall but look at where he wants to go.  These techniques taught him the principle of how to recover.  Stay focused on where you want to go.  Tony Robbins

REFOCUS                                                                                                                                When life throws me a curve ball, I stop with the business, handle the situation to the best of my ability, then I go back to my daily checklist as soon as possible.  Yes!  I have a daily checklist to make sure that I am doing what I suppose to be doing.  Believe me when I say it is very easy to get sidetracked by secondary activities.

When life throws you a distraction stop and deal with the circumstance.  Get back into your routine as quickly as possible.  Do understand that when you experience a life challenge the purpose is to build your character.   A word of wisdom: “Nothing comes to stary and everything comes to pass.”  Recover from the challenge and get refocused.  Following this course of action will keep you in the driver’s seat of your dream.  If you need to learn the fundamentals and get a routine for success check-out this company.

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