Affiliate Maketing

 AFFILIATE MARKETING                                                                                                   One year ago, I knew absolutely nothing about Affiliate Marketing.  Affiliate Marketing has become one of the more popular avenues of creating an income in our new digital economy.  In this article, I will do my very best to enlighten those, who like myself, are unaware of this great opportunity.

WHAT IS AFFILIATE MARKETING                                                                                       Affiliate marketers could be considered the digital economy salesperson.  Imagine yourself as a salesperson working from the comfort of your home. You are contracted with many companies.  Whenever one of your referred customers, makes a purchase, at a company in which you are affiliated, you get paid.  That pretty much sums up an affiliate marketer. Continue reading “Affiliate Maketing”

Digital Revolution

THE REVOLUTION                                                                                                                        In the 1980’s Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started a  revolution.  It was a worldwide revolution; it was the Digital Revolution.  The revolution started with the PC and has evolved to the internet, cellphones and smartphones, laptops and tablets, worldwide communication, robotics, and even digital currency.

WORLDWIDE REVOLUTION                                                                                                    Everyone is involved in the revolution whether by intention or by accident.  In some form or fashion not only do we use technology but we depend upon it.  Some of us have become addicted to it.  You can hardly dart a corner without seeing people staring into a smartphone.   With the exception of 1 or two countries, everywhere technology has invaded our societies. Continue reading “Digital Revolution”


NOT ENOUGH TIME                                                                             Pursuing entrepreneurship is very exciting and rewarding but it sometimes has a drawback which is not enough time.  There are so many things to do and so much to learn that one often finds that there’s just not enough time during the day to get everything done.

JUGGLING LIFE WITH STARTING A BUSINESS                                      Probably like myself, most entrepreneurs have a home life and possibly a work life when they decide to venture into the world of entrepreneurship.  Sometimes when juggling all three lives it can be very difficult keeping all of the balls in the air.  Having a job and a home to maintain along with the learning and additional activities associated with starting a business can sometimes be unmanageable.

MORE TASK THAN TIME                                                                                   I consider myself to be very organized and a multitasker but on some occasions, I find that with both these skills-sets I still have more on my plate than I have time in the day.  And don’t forget “uncle unexpected.”  He shows up at the most inopportune time which can definitely throw a wrinkle in your plans for the day.  How can we deal with the fact that there will not be enough time in the day to complete all the tasks we planned?

MULTITASKING                                                                                    Multitasking is a skill that I have but not everyone possesses the multitasking skill.  Although I have the talent to do two to three different things simultaneously, on occasions I don’t complete anything by the end of the day.  Not producing results can sometimes put people in a state of overwhelm, and can lead to throwing in the towel and giving up.

PRIORITIZE                                                                                                       I was listening to a talk by Napoleon Hill where he tells a story about Charles Schwab approached Mr. Carnegie with a solution for the problem of not having enough time.  Mr. Schwab told Mr. Carnegie to make a list of task for the following day, then prioritize the list by importance.  He then instructed Mr. Carnegie to start on priority tasked 1 and do nothing else until that task was completed and then move on to the next task. listen  That formula has helped me immensely.

ONE OF THOSE DAYS                                                                                    When I moved into my apartment in Germany there was nothing but floors and walls.  I had to install everything except the toilet.  I awoke with the intention of installing the kitchen set and the shower so that I could eat and bathe.  Everything that could go wrong went wrong by 11 AM.  I took the day off and relaxed.  The next day everything fell into place as if by magic.  I believe that sometimes the Universe wants us to slow down.

RELAX AND TAKE A BREATH                                                                  Today I don’t stress (too much) when I don’t complete all of the tasks on my list.  As long as I’m working on a task that’s good enough.  When I finish a task I move on to the next task. I remember a quote that I heard “by the yard it’s hard, but inch by inch anything is a cinch.”  Prioritize your tasks and inch by inch you’ll achieve the goal.

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On a daily basis, we are exposed to a ton of marketing and advertising.  Companies bombard us with hints to patronize their establishment or to purchase their product.  Marketing and advertising is everywhere, television, Facebook, YouTube, and the radio. We can’t escape it.

MARKETING AND ADVERTISING IS PART OF EVERYDAY LIFE                  We are all involved in marketing and advertising in one way or another.  On an individual level, we market and advertise ourselves all the time with the clothes that we ware, the car that we drive, the music that we listen to and with our cell phones.  We are almost always marketing for somebody, but we do this for free. Continue reading “MARKETING AND ADVERTISING”


We in the western culture have become accustomed to I want it right now!  We have created an instant gratification society.  Nearly everything in our culture is a button click away.  Patience is a distasteful word in most of our mouths.

I WANT MY DREAM AND GOALS RIGHT NOW!                            Unfortunately, when it comes to most people achieving their dreams and goals we have the same mental attitude, but instant gratification does not work for accomplishing dreams and goals.  Dreams and goals take planning, learning, practicing, and most important time.

THE RIGHT NOW PHASE                                                                        Almost everyone that is pursuing a dream or goal will experience the I WANT IT RIGHT NOW phase.  I personally experience this thinking more frequently than I care to admit.  When I do find my self in that frame of thinking I am frustrated that I don’t have what I want right now.  My thinking has taken me to states where I want to give up and quit and a lot of people do quit when in that state. Continue reading “I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!”