Is Your Job Secure?                                                                                          In today’s global economy most people will say no!   My job is not secure.  Competiton in today’s marketplace is fierce due to the global economy along with automation and job security no longer exist.

I moved to Germany 6 months ago.  One of the stores that I have frequented the most is Bauhaus which is the equivalent of HomeDepot in America which is where I moved from.

AUTOMATION REPLACES HUMAN EMPLOYEES                                               Today I went to Bauhaus to buy a tool and I realized Bauhaus had installed two self-checkout kiosks.  As I looked at the kiosks I also looked at the number of cashiers on duty.  One-third of the cashiers were not there.  Taking all this in I realized that automation is global along with the economy. Continue reading “IS YOUR JOB SECURE”

Loyalty defines loyalty as faithfulness, commitment, obligation.  We seek loyalty in our personal relationships, our financial relationships, and employment.  Loyalty seems to give us a sense of security.  When we are loyal we express to others that we are dependable,  and when we ask for loyalty from other we seek assurance that they will be there for us.

LOYALTY TO YOUR EMPLOYER                                                                      In the employment world today, the most important thing employers demand is loyalty.  Companies want the employee to be devoted to every whim of the company.  Be at work no matter what is going on in your life.  Regardless if you are your children are ill you are expected to come to work.  If you have prearranged plans but the company suddenly need you to work overtime, come to work.  Be loyal to the company first and above all else.    Continue reading “Loyalty”