Digital Currency & Blockchain

Along with our industrial world converting to a digital environment, so is our money.  Digital currency is now in play and will become the future of money and money movement.

I heard about Bitcoin about three years ago but I didn’t know what it was nor did I investigate.  This digital currency Bitcoin was created in October 2008 Bitcoin became a public traded stock in January 2009 at a cost per share of $0.01 USD.  As of today when I looked up the cost per share for Bitcoin on google finance, Bitcoin now trades at $4,200.01 USD per share.  I believe this is proof that digital currency as a means of transacting business, will be our future.

Now let’s talk about the second half of this equation.  Blockchain is the encryption technology which makes digital currency more secure than paper money.  Blockchain technology can be used in so many different areas of commerce that everyone in every sector of business are flocking toward the use of the Blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is being used in the currency industry, agricultural industry, and the communications industry. I am sure there are other industries that Blockchain has infiltrated but I am unaware.

Blockchain technology makes everyone and everything accountable.  This technology offers a legend that can’t be altered or hacked so the chain of custody and it’s legitimacy make it an effective tool for honest dealings.  Actually, the Blockchain is allowing businesses and consumers to cut out the middle-man which saves both parties financially.

I was fortunate enough to invest in the Blockchain technology last year when the Bitcoin Craze was in full bloom.  That investment earned me a few dollars within a 90 day period.  So, experience has shown me that this technology is on the rise.  In future articles, I’ll be discussing the many ways that Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are shoring up industries worldwide.

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