Digital Revolution

THE REVOLUTION                                                                                                                        In the 1980’s Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started a  revolution.  It was a worldwide revolution; it was the Digital Revolution.  The revolution started with the PC and has evolved to the internet, cellphones and smartphones, laptops and tablets, worldwide communication, robotics, and even digital currency.

WORLDWIDE REVOLUTION                                                                                                    Everyone is involved in the revolution whether by intention or by accident.  In some form or fashion not only do we use technology but we depend upon it.  Some of us have become addicted to it.  You can hardly dart a corner without seeing people staring into a smartphone.   With the exception of 1 or two countries, everywhere technology has invaded our societies.

PERSONAL INVOLVEMENT                                                                                                  On a more casual level, in western culture people use technology and devices to pay bills online, online banking, to purchase products online, and we are being conditioned to use self-checkout at many stores.  So, in one shape form or fashion, we all participate in the digital revolution.

EMPLOYMENT                                                                                                                     Face the facts, the job market has decreased due to the revolution.  Automation and robotics are doing what humans used to do, and this is just the beginning.  Very soon life-like ROBOTS will be performing most tasks from all levels of the employment structure and in all professions. No job is safe and no position is secure.

WHAT CAN YOU DO                                                                                                        You’re probably asking yourself “What can I do with this information?”  The answer is, start preparing yourself for the future.  I am an affiliate marketer.  This skillset is transferable into so many arenas.  You can create an income working from your home and practically anywhere in the world.  Many people younger and older are using the digital revolution to free themselves from dependency and the fear of not having a job.

WHERE CAN I USE THESE SKILLS                                                                               Let’s face it, most of us already have and use the technology.   People are using digital marketing skills to start businesses, sell products for companies, sell their own products or services, bring customers to their existing business and increase their sales.  The opportunities are only limited to your imagination and believe me, people are doing this worldwide.  It’s the new economy.

HOW DO I GET STARTED                                                                                                Good you asked that question.  I got started with an organization that is worldwide.  We meet together regularly to help and encourage one another realize our individual goals. This is the organization.   This was the very first organization that I have ever joined with a spirit of helpfulness not competition; true kindred ship not every person for themselves.  I  am still amazed by their spirit of success for everyone.

WHAT DO YOU GET                                                                                                                     I am truly amazed that I have been fortunate enough to become a member of an organization that does not practice worldly principles.  There is no dog-eat-dog in this organization.  Literally, I have thousands of members worldwide willing to help me through business and personal challenges. I have found what I have always been looking for freedom, peace of mind, time, and financial security.  All that just through learning a few skills and putting technology to work for me.  Put technology to work for you and get exactly what you want.



Author: Derrick Daniels

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