The Digital Revolution

In the 1980’s Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started a revolution. The revolution was worldwide; it was the Digital Revolution. The revolution started with the PC and has continually evolved. After the PC came the internet followed closely by the cellphone. Now we have laptops and tablets. We can now look at the person that we are speaking with on the smartphone. Robotics is the normal, and digital currency is the new investment craze. We are now in a new Digital Economy.

In western culture, we are being conditioned use self-checkout at many of the stores. Nearly everyone does their banking online. Online shopping has become commonplace. So, as you see we all participate in the digital revolution in one form or another.  You can hardly dart a corner without nearly walking into someone who is starring into a cellphone and not paying attention to where they are walking.

Technology is replacing humans in all sectors of the workforce. No occupation is exempt. Robots are performing the entry-level jobs which use to be occupied by humans. Robots can work around the clock, they have very few personal issues, and rarely need time off. So, it’s more profitable for business owners to replace humans with robotics.

Here’s the truth. anyone who is not preparing themselves for our new digital economy will quickly find themselves unemployable. Now is the time to learn about our new digital society and begin to THINK how can I apply this technology to create an income for myself and family.

If anyone lacks the computer, internet, or technology skills I am here to tell you that 5 years ago I was in that same exact place. When I failed to be selected for medical school I found myself wondering (with no answers) “What am I going to do now?” I surveyed the occupational landscape and saw that I had to learn new technology skills or be “Left Behind.”

The new Digital Economy has unlimited possibilities. People are now earning great incomes from their websites, YouTube channels, and social media accounts. Some people are earning a living using the Amazon and eBay platforms. The only limits to what can be created and accomplished in the new Digital Economy is only limit to one’s imagination.

The Digital Revolution has swept the world by storm. Like it or not automation, robotics, and technology are here and here to stay.  Along with robots, automobile manufacturers worldwide are focusing on the driverless car. GM has a car with no steering wheel nor gas pedal scheduled to launch in the year 2020.

The new digital economy is likened to the internet in the mid 90’s. No one really knows it’s potential nor do we know where we are going with it, but one thing is for sure, this is the way that the majority of society will earn a living. How will you use the new digital economy to create a living for you and your family?

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