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free energyThere are many people/companies that are using technology to create a FREE economy!  Scientist using the newest technology has always sought less expensive ways for us to live and thrive via the technology that exists today.

We live in a world where we have to pay for nearly everything. Food, clothing, and shelter are our basics.  There was a time in the history of America when these things were free, but now they are commodities.

We can move into other areas such as money, water, communications, etc.  We pay for much that at one time or another was FREE!  When and how did almost every aspect of our lives become a commodity?

There are those who believe that with technology we can return to a way of living that is FREE.  Cryptocurrency will allow us to stop paying for money, there are several communication start-up companies using blockchain technology to create networks independent of regulation, and there are scientist inventing independent energy systems.

This is an excerpt from the Thrive documentary sharing how long scientist have been creating FREE energy.

You would ask how can these things become free?  The technique which companies are using to create this economy is by cryptocurrency creation which allows the company to raise start-up capital and as the company grows so does the cryptocurrency.  Neither are regulated by the government, so individuals can’t be taxed.

This is just one example of the many opportunities which are availing themselves via technology.  If we leave our society to the course in which it is traveling, it will not be long before we are paying for air to breathe.

I believe that it is necessary that we support our scientific community along with the free energy movement that is taking place worldwide so that we can build a world in which everyone has access to not only the basics of life but also be able to thrive.

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