Giving Thanks

THANKSGIVING                                                                                                        Yesterday, while doing morning success exercises, I considered if I would celebrate the American holiday Thanksgiving.  My initial thought was no!  I no longer live in America so why should I celebrate American traditions!  Suddenly I had a thought “You have much to be giving thanks for.”  

TRADITIONAL THANKSGIVING                                                                          Thanksgiving was first celebrated between the new settlers and the Wampanoag people, as a celebration of the first harvest, but Thanksgiving has evolved to become an American Tradition. Today, families get together and eat a big meal and sometimes watch sports.  But, what is it really about?

REFLECTION                                                                                                                           The thought that I had, yesterday morning, was a reflection of my life during this year.  I could see where my dreams and goals are really beginning to materialize.  Twenty-eight years ago I started on my path of entrepreneurship.  I have encountered many trials, setbacks, and disappointments, but through patience and persistence, I am beginning to reap my harvest.  This is why I will celebrate Thanksgiving today.

THANKFUL                                                                                                                                     I have many things to be thankful for.  Not many people in this world are realizing their life’s dreams but I am.  My life is filled with abundance and prosperity.  I’m not speaking about material things, but rather the mental, emotional, and spiritual abundance and prosperity.  “My cup overflows” with these priceless treasures.  Peace of mind and contentment abound in my life, and yes, material possessions are beginning to appear, and more importantly, I am doing what I want and love to do.

AFTER THE HOLIDAY                                                                                                        After the holiday many people will return to a life of unhappiness, fear, and insecurity.  Going back to a job that is not fulfilling, working for the next paycheck, and not feeling secure about their future.  Some people will make a decision to “Take Control of Their Life” and begin to build a bright future for themselves.

GIVING THANKS EVERY DAY                                                                                                   I am thankful every day that I recognized and took advantage of the opportunity that I found in the digital economy.  By simply saying yes to myself and to my dreams. I took action and joined an organization that is allowing me to create the life that I want.  I create my own income and lifestyle.  I create the time and freedom to go where I want to go and do what I want to do when I want to do it, and so can you!

BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE                                                                               I was told early in my life to “Be grateful for what you have.” That early teaching was a Universal truth, but there is more to the story.  The Universe wants us to be grateful but the Universe does not want us to settle, It wants us to thrive.  So, when the Universe put a digital economy opportunity before me, I chose to thrive.  This opportunity continues to offer me more opportunities, and today I thrive.  Take advantage of the digital opportunity placed before you so that you too can thrive.

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