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Bioro, Spain 03/2017

When I started on my journey of Entrepreneurship there was a lot that I didn’t know.  Like many people, I thought that I had a great idea and all I had to do was to build a website and the money would come rollin in. (ha! ha! ha! the joke’s on me).

At the time I made the decision to start an online business my oldest brother had made the same decision but for a different product.  We would periodically talk on the phone about our businesses.  I would share what I wanted to do and what I was actually doing and he would do the same, but we both didn’t know how much was involved in building an online business.

I didn’t know the cost of having a website built was expensive and when I discovered that expense I decided to build my own website.  I had never built a website in my life and here I am taking on that challenge.  It was slow and painful. It took me three weeks working on it eight hours per day but I did it, and the website looked really good (for a beginner). wow!  I was proud of myself.  From that experience, I learned how to build a website and I built some self-confidence along with the website.

Next thing I didn’t know was about licensing a business.  The first decision was the type of organization I should have.  I didn’t know  I anything about a business organization so I had to do some research as to what each entity was and how each is taxed, and what was my dream for the organization.  A lot of thinking was involved at this stage of the game. ugh! 🙁 I wasn’t very thrilled about research but I did it, made a decision and registered and licensed the business.

Now, I did know that I had competition but I didn’t know how to be competitive and make a profit.  I didn’t know how to price my product to include taxes and shipping cost.  So, with the first few sales, I lost money. I was not happy. 🙁   Lossing money was the tuition that I had to pay for my education in profit and loss.  (Education ain’t free!)

By this time, my brother made a decision that entrepreneurship was too big for him, so he quit and went back to driving his tow truck.  As for me, I’m like a pitbull with a bone, I can’t let go, I gotta have it!

Now, my business is open, but no one is coming to my store.  What’s the problem?  I should be making a killin!  After all, I’ve been in business for 30 days. lol  (I’m laughing now as I’m remembering my thinking back then).

I didn’t know about marketing and advertising.  What!  I have to learn something else about business?  I just want the money to start rolling in.  Well, I conceded to the understanding that no customers no money, so I started the process of learning advertising and marketing.  “Will this learning curb ever end?”  To my surprise, I found out the answer is no!  If I’m gonna be an entrepreneur I will have to continue to learn and upgrade my knowledge and skills.  My learning continues to this day.

To my surprise, I didn’t know that all of the things that I have been learning on my journey would assist me in so many areas of my life.  Just looking at the business side, I have learned how to build good websites at low cost along with adding features such as scheduling calendar, shopping cart, and secure socket layer.  I’ve learned the differences of organizations and how they work and how they are taxed along with the assets and liabilities of each one.

On the personal development side, I have really benefited from my entrepreneurial journey.  The by-products that I have received are too long to list so I’ll share just a few: self-confidence, self-awareness, competency, confidence in my ability to learn, decrease of FEARS, and most importantly I have tapped into a Universal awareness that I had no idea existed.  I didn’t know that by taking a chance on myself that all of these priceless treasures were waiting for me.

The fear of venturing into the unknown has disappeared because based on my personal experience what I didn’t know was holding me back from achieving the life dream that I truly wanted. What I didn’t know took me to exactly where I had wanted to be.  I truly wish that everyone could/would find out what they don’t know because I found what I didn’t know lead you to right to the place that you really want to be.

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Author: Derrick Daniels

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