When you think of investments probably like myself you think of stocks, bonds, real estate, retirement funds such as IRA’s, and annuities.  Investing is a tricky business that requires some knowledge about the investing game.

Basically, we invest so that we will receive a higher return on our investment.  We want to put in some capital and increase that investment over a period of time.  By investing we seek to get paid later on in life.

Next, you have to figure out what should we invest our resources into.  Should you invest in the stock market or real estate?  What product, service, or company will produce the best return?  Here is an investment tip that we yield massive returns if you invest.

Invest in yourself!  Invest in building your mind power.  I guarantee that if you invest in developing your mind’s ability you will receive pay that will seem unreal.  Your mind is a limitless gold mind and if you learn to harvest the gold you can write your own paycheck.

I love the analogy that the late Earl Nightingale used in his famous speech “The Strangest Secret”    Another of our late great speakers Zig Ziglar gave a similar analogy of investing in yourself in his speech “Goals”  You first have build-up your mind’s ability then your thoughts will begin to pay you dividends.

Investing in yourself is the largest investment that you can ever make.  The returns are unlimited along with the rewards.  The rewards are not just limited to cash returns.  You get peace of mind, contentment, fulfillment, and happiness.  These rewards cannot be compared with money.

I have found from my experience, by investing in myself I’m doing what I want to do to earn a return, it doesn’t feel like work because I’m enjoying myself, and I can work many hours and it seems as though only a short period of time has passed.  Consequently, I love going to work, I love the return, and I’m loving my life.

Investing takes time and effort but once you get past the learning curb it is exciting and joyful.  Investing in yourself can bring about

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Author: Derrick Daniels

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