Job Security

Is your job safe? Unfortunately, due to a global economy along with technology which is replacing humans with robots, I don’t believe that job security no longer exist.

Last week I inserted a video called “Humans Need Not Apply” which revealed how are being replaced by robots and technology. This is not a fanciful dream of mine, it is a reality now!

Understanding that anyone can be replaced at any time and anywhere in our global economy, I submit to you what is your plan. What will you do if/when your company downsizes and your position is terminated? What’s next?

Check out this editorial:

At what point do we stop faking as if everything is alright when we know that life could change drastically at any time?  In the military, there is a saying: “Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.”

Start planning now what would you do and what can you do to create an income in the event that you are separated from your stream of income. Believe it or not, if you start now retooling for the event of a loss of job, within 5 – 10 years you can position yourself to be self-sufficient or self-employed.

Don’t wait until something happens, start making something happen now! Start now to secure your income and your future. Understand that nobody will take care of your business but you. Start now to retool for yourself for your future.

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