Dictionay.com defines loyalty as faithfulness, commitment, obligation.  We seek loyalty in our personal relationships, our financial relationships, and employment.  Loyalty seems to give us a sense of security.  When we are loyal we express to others that we are dependable,  and when we ask for loyalty from other we seek assurance that they will be there for us.

LOYALTY TO YOUR EMPLOYER                                                                      In the employment world today, the most important thing employers demand is loyalty.  Companies want the employee to be devoted to every whim of the company.  Be at work no matter what is going on in your life.  Regardless if you are your children are ill you are expected to come to work.  If you have prearranged plans but the company suddenly need you to work overtime, come to work.  Be loyal to the company first and above all else.   

SACRIFICE                                                                                          Companies ask employees to sacrifice themselves and their lives for the good and prosperity of the company.  Now, I do understand economics.  If employees do not go to work and perform their jobs, products would not be manufactured or services not rendered, ultimately the company would close.  There are no winners if the company does not provide its product or service and goes out of business.

WHO’S LOYAL TO YOU                                                                                Now let´s look at this subject from another angle.  Who is the company loyal to.  If there is a choice between profit or loyalty which would the company choose?  People are being replaced with automation to increase productivity and cut production and labor cost.  Many companies have outsourced jobs to countries with a cheaper labor force, closed the company’s doors and jettison the employees with little contemplation for the welfare of its people.

SELF LOYALTY                                                                                                   I believe that we have an obligation to our family and our self first then let the chips fall where they may.  When we have to labor under unpleasant situations or under fear of unemployment we are unhappy, and consequently, we are not as productive as we can be.  We suffer and our home life suffers along with everything and everyone around us.  This is why I believe that we must be loyal to ourselves first.

THE DIGITAL ECONOMY                                                                                   I work from home in the new digital age.  I see the unlimited opportunities that are not available in the traditional employment world.  Just think for a moment about how the world was in the 1980s through the 1990s.  Starting in the mid-80s we were introduced to the digital age.  Now, 30 years later most people cannot function without their digital devices (cellphone, PC or MAC, tablet, and the internet).  It is so clear that we are in an era that is just beginning to thrive, and with all the robotics being implemented in the workforce humans will have to eventually seek money generation in non-traditional ways.  See video

TIME FOR TRANSFORMATION                                                                         I really believe that now is the time for us to start making the transformation to the digital economy.  It is estimated that by the year 2025 most western society households will own a robot!  That sounds like an estimation made in the mid-1980s by Bill Gates when he predicted that by year 2000 nearly every household would own a personal computer.  Was Bill Gates prediction correct?  Obviously so.

If you really consider what I’m saying in this article, you have to ask yourself; If I lose my job do I have a skill-set that will get me another job earning equivalent or better pay?  Is my job in jeopardy of becoming automated or outsourced?  When it comes to profit who’s looking out for me?   If you feel unsettled by these questions just maybe you should be considering preparing for what is already here, the digital age.

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Author: Derrick Daniels

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