Overcoming Adversity

Welcome to the wonderful world of Entrepreneurship.  This world is about “Overcoming Adversity.” Now that you have started down this path you will encounter many adverse situations. Your only job is to adapt and overcome.

Most of us start out on the journey of Entrepreneurship thinking that it will be fun and prosperous. Normally, after a few months, we find that this journey is filled with emotional perils and much mental adversity.

We soon find ourselves asking such questions as: “Can I overcome this ideal?” “Can I transcend this mindset?” “Is this my truth?” “Am I willing to CHANGE?” These are just of few of the adversaries that we will meet on the road of entrepreneurship, and the question is “Can we overcome these adversities?”

It is not a matter of if you will encounter such mindsets or conditions, but when will you encounter these adversities. Every one of us will have his/her own set of adversities. Because we are all unique our adversities will be uniquely tailored to us. The main question will always be “Am I willing to climb this mountain to achieve my goal?”

In order to overcome your adversities, it will be necessary that you begin to condition your mind for the attacks that will come from within. Listening to professionals that have gone before you will give you a glimpse of the perils ahead and how they can be negotiated through to success.

Also, when you learn that someone has already conquered the mountain that you are facing, gives you confidence that you too can overcome the adverse condition. The mind works better for you when it knows that someone has solved this riddle.

Make no mistake, you will encounter adversity on your climb to success. Everyone has there own mountain to climb, so be ready for the expedition. Prepare yourself through daily meditation, visualization, reading, and listening to others that have walked the path before you.

Begin the practice of listening to your inner voice (intuition). Intuition means being guided from within. Begin to relying upon your intuition to guide you. Your intuition will guide you around or through most/all of your adversities when you have come to trust and rely upon it.

At the end of the day, do know that all of your adversities are but lessons to strengthen you so that you can build the strength to will reach your dream/goal. Make adversity your friend and you will be guaranteed to win!



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