Today’s post is dedicated to my childhood friend Cecil.  I am so proud of him.  Overcome is what Cecil did to ascend to where he is in life, and to put his children in a position to excel and pursue their greatness.

I met Cecil in the 9th grade in middle school.  We come from the city of Compton in California.  Compton is more famous for its gang activities and drug addiction.  Most people don’t overcome the traps and snares and escape the degradation of inner-city life but Cecil did.

During our high school years, my friend was arrested and convicted for a crime that he did not commit and he spent several years in prison. When Cecil was released from prison he made a decision to turn his life around and make something of himself.  He went to school and obtained a degree in the healthcare industry.  He married a co-worker and began creating a family.

Cecil was very athletic when he was younger (We used to play pick-up basketball games at the church two blocks from my home).  He got his children into sports.  He coached little league sports and was very hands-on in the development of his children’s athletic skills.  His presence in the lives of his children’s helped to shield them from of the troubles within the inner city.

Because Cecil prevailed over his mountains and turned his life into something positive, his son has an opportunity that otherwise might not have materialized.  Cecil’s son Matt has been recruited by a prominent college and everyone has very high expectations for Matt’s future and success.  Matt has been a high achiever throughout his life.  He is very intelligent and articulate, so navigating through the challenges of college is right in Matt’s wheelhouse.

Cecil chose to overcome instead of give-in and now he has been blessed with a good life and a great family.  This is what happens when we decide to take life on and overcome the challenges that are placed in our path.  Life/Universe rewards our Persistence, Patience, and Positive Attitude.  I’m so proud of you Cecil.  You have made and are still making a good contribution to your home, community, and society.  You are a good example.  Thanks, Cecil.  Love ya bro.

Author: Derrick Daniels

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