EXPERIENCING OVERWHELM                                                                  Anyone and everyone who pursues entrepreneurship has and will experience overwhelm.  Whenever people take on something which have never done before they usually experience some fear and can become overwhelmed.

BEYOND THE COMFORT ZONE                                                                Going beyond your comfort zone speaks for itself.  To go beyond comfort and you enter into discomfort.   For most people becoming an entrepreneur is something new, something outside of the comfort zone, so it is natural to feel some fear, to become disoriented from the amount of task needed to be performed and the amount of knowledge needed to learn.  Trying to figure out what to do and when to do it can be very intimidating. But cheer-up, most entrepreneurs have traveled this road.

DESIRE FOR SUCCESS                                                                        Entrepreneurs have a strong desire and drive for success.  We pursue the unknown and the thought to be impossible.  We attempt to navigate unchartered water and blaze new trails.  So, it is quite natural to have concerns and question if what we are doing is right, are we going in the right direction, and will we be successful!  But the successful people continue to move forward regardless of what they feel or think.

IMPATIENCE  People with the entrepreneur mindset usually suffer from impatience.  Passion for what you are doing and coupled with societal thinking you can become impatient and desire to see immediate results, but immediate results rarely happen.  A careful study of successful entrepreneurs has revealed that most became successful over a period of time.  Entrepreneurs must be prepared for the long haul.  Here are several successful entrepreneurs that will share with you how long it took for them to receive their prize. listen

BELIEF                                                                                                 Successful people believe that they can do what they set out to do.  This belief is what drives them even when faced with doubt, criticism, and even abandonment.  Successful people know that if they continue to put one foot in front of the other foot they will eventually achieve the success that they seek. Most important is that you believe in yourself.  When you know that you can do it you will do it.

ROAD TO SUCCESS                                                                                    There are no easy routes to true success.  Lasting sustainable success takes time, patience, and belief.  Those characteristics are developed.  Just as all living things develop so must our skills, knowledge, and understanding of what we are doing then comes confidence and this when we are close to the finish line.

DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED                                                              Understand that almost all entrepreneurs have trod this road and if they reached their finish line so can you.  My past experience has taught me that at the beginning of a goal is when I don’t really know what I’m doing.   As I continue to learn and do the day comes when I know what I’m doing and it becomes second nature.  Then I know I have succeeded.  Keep plugging away at what you’re doing and that day will come for you too.

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Author: Derrick Daniels

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