We in the western culture have become accustomed to I want it right now!  We have created an instant gratification society.  Nearly everything in our culture is a button click away.  Patience is a distasteful word in most of our mouths.

I WANT MY DREAM AND GOALS RIGHT NOW!                            Unfortunately, when it comes to most people achieving their dreams and goals we have the same mental attitude, but instant gratification does not work for accomplishing dreams and goals.  Dreams and goals take planning, learning, practicing, and most important time.

THE RIGHT NOW PHASE                                                                        Almost everyone that is pursuing a dream or goal will experience the I WANT IT RIGHT NOW phase.  I personally experience this thinking more frequently than I care to admit.  When I do find my self in that frame of thinking I am frustrated that I don’t have what I want right now.  My thinking has taken me to states where I want to give up and quit and a lot of people do quit when in that state.

STRATEGIES FOR OVERCOMiNG I WANT IT NOW                                 There are strategies that I use to overcoming being impatient.  I have scores of personal development speakers that I listen to daily.  As I listen to them explain the struggles they have experienced and the time it took for them to reach their idea of success reminds me that this is a journey and not a drive-through.  Here are a few of the stories that I listen to which keep me grounded.  Motivational Speakers




BUILDING ANYTHING TAKES TIME                                                    Pursuing a goal, dream, and building a business whether brick and mortar or internet business takes time.  There are so many things to learn and understand.  I have found that I can learn something but still not understand how to use it.  So, along with learning comes understanding.  Lastly will come attracting customers to your business.  None of these things will happen overnight.

REPLACE I WANT IT NOW WITH THE THREE P’s                                  Pursuing a dream or goal will require the three P’s PATIENCE, PERSISTENCE, and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.  It took Thomas Edison ten years to create the light bulb so how long will you wait and persist to achieve your dream?  Without a positive attitude, you won’t be happy doing what you’re doing and if you’re not happy why do it. This is where most people will quit and give up.

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE PURSUING                        It is very important to surround yourself with people who are actively doing what you are doing so that when these I WANT IT RIGHT NOW moments come (and they will come) you’ll have like-minded people who will give you the encouragement to continue to move forward on your journey.

BECOME A MEMBER OF A GROUP                                                                       I  am a member of a group of people who are actively pursuing their dreams and goals.  We all have different dreams but we all are learning new information and techniques to further our dreams, goals, and businesses.  We implement strategies daily to stay out of the I WANT IT RIGHT NOW mentality.  We meet frequently, we listen to audio messages, we read positive information for personal development daily, and we support each other.

We are a group of online entrepreneurs.  Our community is for building relationships, networking, mastermind groups, support and getting solutions for any challenges from other members.  Join Us SFM and we will walk with you through the I WANT IT RIGHT NOW moments.




Author: Derrick Daniels

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