Digital Revolution

THE REVOLUTION                                                                                                                        In the 1980’s Bill Gates and Steve Jobs started a  revolution.  It was a worldwide revolution; it was the Digital Revolution.  The revolution started with the PC and has evolved to the internet, cellphones and smartphones, laptops and tablets, worldwide communication, robotics, and even digital currency.

WORLDWIDE REVOLUTION                                                                                                    Everyone is involved in the revolution whether by intention or by accident.  In some form or fashion not only do we use technology but we depend upon it.  Some of us have become addicted to it.  You can hardly dart a corner without seeing people staring into a smartphone.   With the exception of 1 or two countries, everywhere technology has invaded our societies. Continue reading “Digital Revolution”

My Journey

My adult employment history began in 1980 when I joined Seafarer’s International Union as a Merchant Seaman.  I absolutely enjoyed working aboard ships.  I loved traveling to different countries and meeting different cultures and mindsets.  Unfortunately, ships were becoming automated and crew size shrank from a crew of 60 members to 28-30 crewmembers.  Also, outsourcing entered the picture, and it became cheaper for American companies to hire foreign crews.  I stopped going out to sea in 1985.

At this time my father had been working for McDonnell Douglass Aerospace company for many years.  He informed me that McDonnell Douglass had won a huge contract and was having a mass hiring.  I was hired at McDonnell Douglass in 1986 at a wage of $12.50 per hour.  Great job and good company.  Life was good for about 8 years.    Continue reading “My Journey”

Take Charge of Your Life

Take Control of Your Life
Derrick Daniels

I am Derrick Daniels.  I am actively involved in our new Digital Economy. Our world has passed through various economic eras, we’ve evolved through the agricultural era, the industrial age, and now we are in the beginning stages of the information age.

I was born in 1961 and at that time we were nearing the end of the industrial age.  My parents had jobs with prominent companies in which they were to work for 30-35 retired and received a pension.  News flash!  Those days are gone never to return again.  We have moved from National Economies to a Global Economy.  We are now in the Information Age.

Outsourcing due to global manufacturing competition has become the norm, which has made it virtually impossible to obtain and retain an occupational position for 30-35 years.  My father worked for McDonnell Douglass Aerospace and step-mother worked for AT&T, both experienced this new economy.  Both were given early retirement when the branch of their respective companies relocated the offices where they worked.

Now, most of the work in all sectors of the occupational world is being performed by automation. There is a multitude of programmers writing programs which are automating nearly every job that exists in the world.  Whether we face this reality or choose to turn a blind eye, automation is happening worldwide.  For financial and economic reasons, our world is quickly becoming totally automated.

In my blog, I will inform my readers of new opportunities and strategies which will allow for transformation into the new digital economy.  Those who choose not to prepare themselves for opportunities in the digital economy will find it increasingly difficult to find employment that will afford a lifestyle above poverty.  This is happening now.  Take a look at this PBS broadcast

If you are actively looking for a way to increase your income or replace your job I have a possible solution for you.  Mamma says “Don’t cost anything to look.”  My mentor Stuart Ross could have an answer to your dilemma.  I’ll let Stuart Ross explain.

Digital Life Inc. will keep you informed about whats happening along with opportunities to do something different.  Join our blog and stay up to date with new articles.



Plan Your Life


When we go on a vacation we have a plan.  We sit down and figure out every small detail for our trip.  First, we look at how much we have to spend on for our trip.  Based upon our finances we decide where we can vacation.  We find accommodations within our budget.  We choose activities that we want to participate in while on vacation.  We even factor in dining cost.  No detail is left unnoticed.


Unfortunately, most people do not take as much care when planning the the most important journey they that we all will ever take; our life.  Most people do not spend any time with themselves to learn what exactly it is they want to do with and in their lives.  We don’t know exactly how much money we want to earn to live the lifestyle that we desire to live (lifestyle is dictated by income).  We don’t know where we want to live, what we would really love to do to earn an income.  Most people usually leave all of those areas of their life to chance.                                                                     Continue reading “HAVE A PLAN”