Who We Are

Born and reared in Los Angeles, California.  A graduate of Dominguez Senior High School 1979.  55 years of English speaking, reading, and writing experience. 28 years of Life Coaching/Mentoring experience.

I have a God-given talent for teaching and making learning fun and exciting. I am very passionate about assisting others in the achievement of their dreams and goals.

My strategy for teaching any subject is to first build a strong foundation of the essentials. After the foundation is built learning the remainder of the subject is much easier and fun.

Born in Illinois and raised in Arkansas.  A graduate of the University of Arkansas in 2007.  Over 10 years of teaching English in Spain.

I have found that as all students are not the same, neither should all teaching methods.  The approach to teaching any student should be customized to fit that person’s specific needs and goals.

My teaching strategy for English is to create a strong base and an ability to communicate in the language.  The two together allow for the learning process to be easier and more enjoyable for the student.